The New Yorker

Frank is a frequent cover artist for The New Yorker magazine. At last count, his fourteenth cover hit the stands. But who’s counting?

Every New Yorker has his or her own unique “mental map” of the city, which includes everything from a favourite rooftop bar to a place to buy insurance.


  • American Illustration (3 awards)
  • D&AD
  • Applied Arts
  • Communication Arts
  • ADCC (gold)

The melting polar icecaps now make it possible to navigate the top of the world. Combine that sobering thought with the need for an uplifting image that celebrates the holidays.

Tiny women and gigantic men – a celebration of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

That nowhere period – halfway between Christmas and Valentine’s Day. That’s when hipsters ply the streets of Manhattan.

Spring is for lovers and allergies.

The Masters Tournament marks the beginning of the golf season for swingers everywhere.

The magical wall – a sort of fortification that protects the park from the city.

Ad for the Apple iPad that ran on the back cover of the special year-end double issue.

A surreptitious kiss on Valentine’s Day.

We love all that carnie signage. Always have.

Asleep at the Wheel

Earth Day marks the annual migration from the city to the country.