Tricon House

Tricon is one of the fastest growing and enlightened real estate developers in North America. With the common bond of excellence above all else, Viva & Co. was the perfect fit from day one. Challenges include everything from highly technical web development requests to “never before seen” backlit street hoardings and on to unconventional but compelling annual report solutions. Our agreed shared goal is to delight, confound and challenge any and all conventions. Could a branding and design firm ask for a better client?

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TheSelby-Stationery-7-50 Tricon-Crane-Mock-50 Tricon-Pamplet-4-50 HotSheetandMarketing-2-50 Selby-Outdoor-Signage-50 Floor-Plan-2-50 IMG_6099-edit-50 Tricon-Booklet-4-50 Tricon-Cards-4-50 AnnualReport-12-50 AnnualReport-7-50 AnnualReport-8-50 AnnualReport-10-50
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