New York Life

Seven years of annual reports for this Fortune 100 stalwart. While we work with a wide variety of brands, including a leader in teen fashion and the maker of a renowned line of professional cookware, we think the ultra-conservative work we have created for New York Life exemplifies our commitment to finding an authentic and appropriate language for each of our clients.

By any measure, “The Company You Keep.”

This annual report feels like us, looks like us and positions the brand perfectly…It was the most rigorous and smoothly managed process we’ve ever experienced.

New York Life

It is always a challenge to find a design firm that (a) spends the time to really understand the character and nuances of the brand, (b) actually gets it and (c) has the talent to execute work that tells our brand story in an elegant and compelling fashion. Frank and his team at Viva & Co. are one of those rare firms that do all three with style and sensitivity. Plus, it’s great to know that they will do whatever it takes to get the job done, no matter how tight the deadline.

New York Life

One of six stories about New York Life. Each piece is told in the first person by various individuals, including employees and clients.

Using appropriate objects to chart the growth of New York Life.

New York Life’s Foundation is primarily focused on initiatives that help children living in urban areas throughout the United States. Illustrator Noah Woods helps to give this report an appropriately upbeat and playful feel.

A series of stories about extraordinary achievement from various departments within New York Life.

During its long history, New York Life was at the center of many significant historical events in the United States. This annual chronicles a few of them.