Cidel helps high­ net worth individuals, families, tax professionals, and some of the world’s largest institutions structure, grow and manage wealth. Viva & Co. was tasked with helping Cidel relaunch this respected international brand to the marketplace. We began the year-long journey with a new identity system that speaks to Cidel’s relentless focus on steady, secure growth. And as always, we made sure that the design solution would stand the test of time and work flawlessly for every conceivable application. From there, we created hundreds of branded documents including stationery, email marketing solutions, an interior design treatment for the new Toronto headquarters, brochures and a robust, responsive website. All in all, a satisfying year of renewal and reinvention.


[Unsolicited email] A quick story: Last night I turned on the light in my kitchen and saw a Cidel business card face down on the counter. I thought to myself, My god, that is a beautiful business card and a stunning logo. And then I remembered it was mine. Nearly everyone I have met since our 'relaunch' has said the same. A very big thank you.

Henry Perren
President, Cidel
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