Eco Fusion

Based in Ireland, Eco Fusion creates high-quality, ultra-low carbon building products. Using its first-in-world, proprietary technology, the company formulates and manufactures premium-grade, eco-conscious, and irritant-free products for the construction and DIY sectors. The founders hired Viva & Co. to establish a cohesive and rigorous branding system for its initial launch into the European market. In addition to a new wordmark and website, the exercise included an extensive system of packaging designs across multiple categories that helped cut through the clutter typically found in this product category, while clearly communicating the company’s environmental benefits and technological approach.

EF-Stationery EF-Website-Mobile EF-Silicone
EF-Business-Card EF-Technical-Sheets EF-Instagram-Mark
EF-EFS-Silicone EF-Website-Tablet EF-Website-Desktop EF-EFS-Silicone EF-EF80-Grout
EF-Website-Mobile EF-EF80-Grout
EF-EF80-Grout EF-Website-Tablet