Curious Collection

We not only came up with the name for this legendary line of luxury printing papers, we also came up with the strategy that led to the need for a new name. With over 100 international awards from the likes of Communication Arts, D&AD, AIGA and many others, it was clear that our work struck a chord with the intended audience – graphic designers (the same people that judged all those competitions).

Using the rare and unusual split fountain printing technique. Yes, we drive printers crazy.

45 RPM – a revolution in paper promotions.

In the Gutter. Originally created for the North American market. Later adapted for use in seven European markets.

In the Gutter – a celebration of bifurcation.

The Pin-up Collection – we remember Twiggy.

A slipcase keeps it together.

C. Diddy gum wrapper.

Opposites attract.

Fake annual report.

Swatch interior.

Fake annual report – interior spread.

Fake annual report – interior spread.

A celebration of the gutter.

Men and their cars.


[They] cultivate the type of client who views design as a strategic tool and respects a recommendation to, say, consolidate six product lines under a single new brand umbrella.

Communication Arts

European swatchbox.

Disk two in the 45 RPM promotion. Collect all five.

The Pin-up Collection – clothing made from Curious papers and held together with pins.

Each line in the Curious Collection has its own unique personality.

Each line of paper within the Curious Collection has its own unique personality.

Curious Collection slipcase – each line of papers expressed through packaging cliches.


Over 100 awards for Curious alone from D&AD, Communication Arts, AIGA, How Magazine, Graphis (platinum) and many more.

Art cars – an underappreciated corner of the art world.

A prayer to all things gutter.