Pinto Wray James LLP

Located on University Avenue near Osgoode Hall, Pinto Wray James LLP is a member of a new breed of fast-growing law firms that truly understand how to use the web as a powerful marketing tool. While the site we built uses best practices in SEO, PWJ also makes great use of social media and AdWords. They regularly create and publish fresh online content and do everything possible to improve their rankings – Google loves PWJ.

In addition to their website, Viva & Co. created a comprehensive brand identity system that the partners are very happy with. The exercise repositions PWJ as the brand they are: a progressive and innovative law office firmly rooted in tradition. Each component – including logo, stationery, digital templates, signage, forms and the new website – came in on budget despite a very long (but thoughtful) list of requirements.

Looking back, perhaps the biggest undertaking was transferring the mountain of existing content from the old database to the new one – we didn’t have to be told that this task had to be completed flawlessly with careful editorial oversight. We knew.

What unsolicited comment did PWJ share with Viva & Co. as the four-month project wrapped up? “Thank you for your exceptional work on the website and our rebranding all around. You have done just excellent work and we are greatly appreciative!”